Chalcedony, Yellow

Chalcedony, Yellow

Crown Chakra

Description: Ceremonial; Bone Marrow and Heart Tissue

Ceremonial uses. Nurturing, balancing. Increases mental stability and aids positive discrimination. Bone marrow, heart tissue and spleen.

Anatomy keywords: eyes, gall bladder, bones, spleen, lactation- increasing, blood, circulatory system, dementia, senility

Healer’s Diagnostic Aid; Pregnancy & Reproductive OrgansProtects genitals: testicles, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vas deferens. Amplifies
Re-birthing and Transformation; Balance Acid/AlkalineFacilitates re-birthing and release, promoting growth. Balances emotions and brings them to a higher
Relaxation and Romance; TissuesHealer of Spirits. Provides soothing energy and a peaceful state of mind. Mental relaxation. Promotes spontaneity and stimulates
Grounding, Protection; Entire AnatomyValor. Spiritual attunement as well as grounding. Safety in travel. Protection against environmental pollutants. Improves
Know Thyself, Telepathy; SensesA great physical healer, encasing areas of dis-ease in nourishing green light and speeding recovery. Also stimulates knowledge
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