Halo Chakra


Virtue, Mental Clarity, Abundance; Cranial Plates and Brain
Gives clarity with alignment to a higher purpose. It reminds one of their spiritual goals and clears the mind. It helps us to see and feel the invisible. It also strengthens the physical eyes. It significantly amplifies light and thought. Resonates with  richness, self-satisfaction and healthy discrimination. It builds strength and stamina, stimulates unity and love, and gives courage and confidence. (Wow!) Brilliance of light, acting on many layers and levels. It fills the chakras with light. Use at the base of the spine to stimulate the Kundalini.
The diamond essence was made from 12 exceptional diamonds. Each of them showed evenly the full color spectrum, which makes them highly therapeutic and the very best to use for this essence. It was made during the Lakshmi Festival (Goddess of Luck and Prosperity) in Poona, India, in the energy field of an enlightened master. It is one of the birthstones for August. Diamond is ruled by the sign of Leo (and Taurus and Aries).

Anatomy keywords: eyes and sight (glaucoma), brain, metabolism, allergies

Healer’s Diagnostic Aid; Pregnancy & Reproductive OrgansProtects genitals: testicles, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vas deferens. Amplifies
Re-birthing and Transformation; Balance Acid/AlkalineFacilitates re-birthing and release, promoting growth. Balances emotions and brings them to a higher
Relaxation and Romance; TissuesHealer of Spirits. Provides soothing energy and a peaceful state of mind. Mental relaxation. Promotes spontaneity and stimulates
Grounding, Protection; Entire AnatomyValor. Spiritual attunement as well as grounding. Safety in travel. Protection against environmental pollutants. Improves
Know Thyself, Telepathy; SensesA great physical healer, encasing areas of dis-ease in nourishing green light and speeding recovery. Also stimulates knowledge
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