How to register

First question: Why register at all?

The answer is simple: registered users can contribute to this website by writing a comment or post something in the forum. Without registration everybody could do so, means fake Rolex sellers and Viagra advertisers and so on. We do not want that.

Registration Step 1

First step: register. Kind of self-explanatory, isn't it? Click!

Step 1

This is what you see. Please fill in the form.


The captcha - it helps to avoid automatic registration by spammers. Read the security code and fill it in the field.

Then click:

 And that is what happens:


Oops, wrong code. The captcha is soo difficult to read!

Why not try the sound button?

Sound Captcha

Now someone reads the code for you. Please fill it in, click "register" again and...



But what now?

Please open your email program, there should be a new mail like this one:

Your registration will be approved (as long as your are no machine and no spammer) after you click the link in the email.

This tells us: Yes, you are a human being and the email is valid.

Now the administrator activates your user account and sends you this:

And that was it! Now you are a registered user, can log in and discover the opportunities this site offers!

Welcome, new user!

You read an article and find the author has missed a point or you want to add something you recently discovered or want to write a case study. That is
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