How to comment on an article

You read an article and find the author has missed a point or you want to add something you recently discovered or want to write a case study. That is what the comment feature is for.

But then you see this:

It is necessary to log in first or we would get thousands of comments like "great essence - but viagra is much better", which we like to avoid. So please go there:

Log in

and log in.

You are automatically re-directed to the article you want to comment on:

Write comment

That is how it looks after you logged in.

Please give your comment a title, decide whether you want to be informed when the author or any other user replies (see red arrow above), write your message and click "send". That is all.

Your message will not automatically appear, it has to be approved by an administrator, so please be patient, it may take a couple of hours or so until your comment will be published.

But it will be.

Thanks for commenting and telling the other visitors your point of view!


First question: Why register at all? The answer is simple: registered users can contribute to this website by writing a comment or post something in the
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