Sunflower - Helianthus annuala


Indications: unbalanced expression of masculine energy  men or women; weak or dysfunctional relationship to the father, or to one’s own identity as a father.

Healing Qualities: strengthens one’s radiant expression of self; encourages a balanced expression of masculine energy in men and women; promotes a functional relationship with authority.

Indications: feeling estranged from one’s soul family; unable to sense the connective thread that links one’s experiences into a coherent and understandable
Indications: oversensitivity to the environment; looking for protection from outside rather than from within the self; integrity of the aura has been compromised
Indications: resistance to taking responsibility for our actions or for the life we have created; unaware of how our thoughts create our reality.Healing
Indications: mental resistance and inflexibility; mind overly influenced by the ego; communication between the heart and mind blocked or undeveloped.Healing
Indications: lack of belief in our own capacity to create; blocking creative expression because of an unwillingness to share it with others; feeling disconnected
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