Round-Leaf Orchid - Amerorchis rotundifolia

Round-Leaf Orchid

Indications: reactive; distracted and unable to stay focused on the issue or task at hand; not tending to one’s heart in troubled times.

Healing Qualities: support to live more deeply in our hearts and maintain that position in times of confusion and chaos; promotes equanimity and balance; helps us get to and stay with the core of an issue without being distracted by all of the energy at the periphery.

Indications: defensive communication; stage fright; distress and dread around public speaking; self-expression blocked by the fear of being judged or ridiculed.Healing
Indications: weak vertical alignment; inspiration and creative energies are not harmonized; creative process is disjointed and stagnant; chronic creative
Indications: lack of confidence in social skills; tendency to isolate rather than seek meaningful contact with others.Healing Qualities: promotes confidence
Indications: caught up in ancestral patterns and unhealthy family dynamics; invested in old family resentments and grudges.Healing Qualities: supports
Indications: agitated and irritable; difficulty relaxing the mind and body; unfocused; mental energy scattered and inefficient.Healing Qualities: encourages
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