Bergenia: Surrendered Listening

Bergenia: Surrendered Listening

Bergenia: Saxifragaceae

Bergenia assists us to perceive the inaudible frequencies of the living earth, a bandwidth of sounds heard primarily through our listening hearts. It also reconnects us to the memory and energy of our true desires, often sensed in childhood but later abandoned or buried. Through focused, surrendered listening to our own hearts and the sacred pulse in the world around us, true illumination can occur in any moment. Bergenia gently re-directs us away from passing bright ideas by focusing any scattered or tangential thinking. It also balances water disparities (edema/dehydration) in the body.

Flower color: pink;

Musical term: The sound of many bells

Zinnia elegans; Compositae. Youth and ageZinnia encourages the adult spontaneity needed for a mature creative expression. It inspires the playfully focused
Malva sylvestris ‚zebrina‘: MalvaceaeStimulating the spin of the chakras, Zebra Mallow quickens our life force. Strongly spinning chakras increase
Achillea filipendulina; CompositaeYellow Yarrow supports us during times of vulnerability when we reach a new plateau and are trembling with uncertainty.
Asiatic Lily ‚Yellow Brushmark‘; LiliaceaeYellow Lily supports appropriate ruthlessness, helping us cut away what is no longer necessary while
Eranthis; RanunculaceaeWinter Aconite supports our emergence with a powerful, dedicated simplicity. It fosters joy by exciting a sense of inner sunshine.
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