Dandelion: Releasing Tension

Dandelion:    Releasing Tension

Taraxacum officinale; Asteraceae

With lion-hearted cheerfulness, Dandelion addresses long-held patterns of muscle-tension rooted in rage, anxiety, and fear. Softening the compacted areas in the body, it gradually eases the punishing effects of false control and dominating suppression. Dandelion’s deep roots help us access what we need from hidden sources, as it reminds the body how to absorb and utilize nutrition. Promoting optimism in the face of adversity, Dandelion opens the door to new experiences of intimacy, encouraging a sunny openness and the simple, natural rhythms that let us harmonize with others. A very grounding essence, it keeps us in touch with the basics.

Flower color: yellow;
Musical term: Small brass instruments

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