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Orange Cosmos: Healing Sunshine

Orange Cosmos: Healing Sunshine

Cosmos sulphureus; Compositae

Orange Cosmos brings the attributes of sunlight directly into the body’s cells. It burns gently through the attitudes and memories exerting a false control in our bodies. With its healing radiation, Orange Cosmos boosts immunity by cleansing and revitalizing the cells. If we are afraid of sunlight, it helps us re-establish a healthy relationship with the sun. Orange Cosmos banishes the ‚blues‘ of seasonal affective disorders and can be used during long periods of indoor confinement.

Flower color: orange;
Musical term : The in-breath, deep inhale before singing

Zinnia elegans; Compositae. Youth and ageZinnia encourages the adult spontaneity needed for a mature creative expression. It inspires the playfully focused
Malva sylvestris ‚zebrina‘: MalvaceaeStimulating the spin of the chakras, Zebra Mallow quickens our life force. Strongly spinning chakras increase
Achillea filipendulina; CompositaeYellow Yarrow supports us during times of vulnerability when we reach a new plateau and are trembling with uncertainty.
Asiatic Lily ‚Yellow Brushmark‘; LiliaceaeYellow Lily supports appropriate ruthlessness, helping us cut away what is no longer necessary while
Eranthis; RanunculaceaeWinter Aconite supports our emergence with a powerful, dedicated simplicity. It fosters joy by exciting a sense of inner sunshine.
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