Eternal Youth - Epidendrum ibaguense

Rejuvenation; Regenesis

Eternal Youth

This Orchid, called the Wiñay Wayna, „forever young“ in Quechua, promotes rejuvenation by retraining our cells to remember the frequency of life and by raising our frequency into a place beyond disease and aging into super health and youthing. It is also good for regaining our childlike fun qualities. A few drops every day are recommended. Put some in your drinking water. This essence is good to get on the skin. It is especially good in the bath. (It is an important ingredient in our Angel Rejuvenation Spray.) Also addresses homesickness.

©Star Riparetti

Ida jamesiorm oakleyAscension Infusion ~ Integrate into Oneness and UnitySoul Growth. You feel this essence right away in the heart. Helps us to luxuriate
Fun, Playful; Lighten Up, Be Zany All seriousness aside. Helps relax and open up. See things in a brighter, more colorful light. Encourages relaxation.©Star
Activating the Perfect Physical Blueprint Elderberry has been used as an alternative flu vaccine. It is said to disarm and diminish symptoms of colds
Quickly Helps Transmute Thoughts Quickly helps transmute Thoughts, Energies and Frequencies with the Purifying Violet Flame.©Star Riparetti
Clarity and Ease with New Things Useful for remaining balanced during the new times we are in. Very helpful to take each time you feel a shift to another
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