Pituitary Master - Epipactis gigantea

Accelerates Connection to Divine Source

Pituitary Master

The Pituitary is our main control center.  It secretes oxytocin- the hormone of love.  This new essence awakens and strengthens this gland, which can accelerate our connection to the Divine source, and connect this energy to the physical.

This essence can be used by itself, and my guidance is that it is especially wonderful to use it in conjunction with the Pineal Light Infusion essence. When the Pineal and Pituitary are activated they can influence the other glands in very positive ways.

The Sacred, Royal, Mystical Marriage of the Pineal and Pituitary - is about the marriage of the female and male within us.  The Pineal represents the feminine, and the essence was made in South America.  The Pituitary represents the masculine, and was made in North America.  When the feminine and masculine energies meet in the brain it is known as the „mystical marriage.“  There is union and harmony of spirit and matter when they merge. They represent Heaven and Earth.  It is also a representation of the Condor and the Eagle.  The Pituitary brings things back to the physical.

Connect to Source, listen with your heart, observe your mind, own and hold light, know you are a creator and manifestor. Using this Pituitary Master essence can help us to have that feeling of contentment.  It can help to create calmness- especially around a mate.  This essence may even play a role in autism, as one somehow has more appropriate social behavior.  As we are stimulated with these light frequencies our coping abilities are improved.

Once the pituitary gland has been activated on a physical level, and the crown chakra has been opened on a psychic level, more psychic and spiritual gifts will unfold.  Some of these gifts are increased intuition, expanded creativity, clairvoyant abilities and empathic abilities developed and/or enhanced.

©Star Riparetti

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