Norway Spruce (Picea abies)

Norway Spruce

Reconnects you with karmic ancestral memories in order to unravel engrained old habits.

Confronting our karmic suffering due to our forebears conditioning teaches us how to transcend parental conditioning. Without trying to change loved ones a pathway towards reconciliation and positive growth is created for you and your surroundings. Reconciliation brings balance in relationships once we feel safe to expose ourselves to be vulnerable. In the midst of the process balance fairness and resolve while sending love and forgiveness to self and others. Sharing of emotions with respect for one another’s differences become cleansing for the system creating strength and freedom in and around us. The knowledge from lives lessons can now be used while harming no one whilst no longer depleting your personal energy.

Forget Me Not (Myosotis)Open your heart and you will see beyond the eternal. Merge with all dimensions as you connect to all of life. Step beyond the boundaries
Bull Thistle (Cirsium vulgare)Birthing the new on the ashes of the old. You are ready to let go of what does not serve you by taking responsibility for
Boneset (Eupatorium hyssopifolium) The lessons of all lives where laid before you in order to allow you to evolve. Heals old wounds transmuting all that
Your soul yearns for joy. Purifies the worry that it is not alright to enjoy. Fill your heart with joy. You have come a long way and we celebrate the
Feel the strength within you and believe in the return of innocence within the infinite beauty of the self. Be the power with love from the heart as you
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