Abbeville Red Iris Flower Essence

Abbeville Red Iris

Latin: I. Nelsonii

Healing Properties:
The Abbeville Red Iris reaches in a more upward fashion than its originator, iFulva. The stems, leaves and petals tend to orient themselves toward the light, therefore, offering the signature of a plant that fosters the bridge between darkness and light. The Iris in general is a potent plant that has been connected with the Roman Goddess Iris, whose job it was to connect the higher worlds of the Heavens with the lower realms of the Underworld. Her name in Latin means “rainbow.”

The Abbeville Red, which contains the watery healing properties of the Giant Blue and the ancient iFulva, carries potent healing properties for a weakened immune system and low life-force energies, and helps to revive creative inspiration through the expression of words and communication.

Due to its unusual origins as a hybrid, it embodies the spirit of individuation, supporting the individual who seeks to express his or her own unique genius in the world. This is an excellent flower essence for artists, teachers and dancers.

More about Abbeville Red Iris:
Research has determined that Iris Nelsonii is a species of naturally-occurring hybrid origins, with traces of Iris Fulva and Iris Giganticaerulea in its background. It is presumed that the Iris Nelsonii environment was relatively isolated and after unknown years of inbreeding, the population stabilized to create the species.

Iris Nelsonii was a sensation among Louisiana Iris enthusiasts after it was »discovered« around 1938. Apparently restricted to a small area Southeast of Abbeville, Louisiana, this plant was commonly called “the Abbeville Red,« or occasionally »Super Fulva.« Due to its size and color, it was used extensively in early hybridizing. A few yellow forms were also found in the relatively small area of its range.

The comparison to iFulva was due to similarities in color. In their native swamp habitat, however, Iris Nelsonii grows considerably taller and has larger flowers than Iris Fulva. These Abbeville Reds are typically found in shallow water in cypress swamps. The iFulva is more commonly an inhabitant of wet sloughs and roadside ditches; wet areas to be sure, but not in the swamp per se.

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