Ashley Michelle Iris Flower Essence

Ashley Michelle Iris Flower Essence

Healing Properties:
Attuning to this flower assists people who are seeking spiritual development or wishing to know their reason for being in physical form in this lifetime. It is beneficial to be taken before meditation or other spiritual/religious practices, as it assists with opening communication channels for attunement with your Divine inner self, as well as your Spirit guides and teachers. It enhances self-awareness and visualization.

It is often difficult to stay focused and trusting of your inner guidance due to distractions. The Ashley Michelle Hybrid Iris will help you hear and accept your inner voice and offer valuable insights as you explore spiritual realms of evolving consciousness.

More about Ashley Michelle Iris:
The hybrid Ashley Michelle was created by Bud and Rusty McSparrins at their Wild Iris Sanctuary in Abbeville, Louisiana. The Iris is luminescent with a violet glow and warm yellow/green interior. Tara McKinney and Isha Lerner, of the Power of Flowers Healing Essence Company, visited the sanctuary in the early spring of 2011, and after touring the entire site with Bud and Rusty, were granted the privilege of making flower essences on their pristine property. This particular Iris stood out amongst all others as ethereal, light-filled and radiant. It was named after Rusty’s very special grandmother, Ashley Michelle.

After the essence was set in water and ready for bottling it produced a radiant white light with electrical waves. Taking a few drops of its essence during the pouring process gave us the experience of shimmering ecstasy. We’re delighted to share the beauty of this hybrid Iris with you and it’s our gift to those inspired by portals of new vision offered to humanity at this time.

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