Mugwort Flower Essence

Mugwort Flower Essence

Latin: Artemisia Douglasiana

Healing Properties:
As a flower essence, Mugwort assists women with fertility issues on many levels. It balances the hormones in the body, therefore, at any age, the flower essence assists with menstrual issues in young women, helps to bring on a monthly cycle, and helps women with eating disorders to regain balance in the reproductive regions. It can be taken at the end of a pregnancy to assist with birth, and during the menopausal phase of a women’s life as a means to hormone balance.

On an emotional level, Mugwort flower remedy helps an individual to discover harmony within the feminine body and opens the ‘feeling world’ toward intuition.

Important: Do not take Mugwort as an herbal elixir or a flower essence at the beginning stages of pregnancy!

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