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Ponderosa Pine Flower Essence

Ponderosa Pine Flower Essence

Latin: Pinus ponderosa

Healing Properties:
Ponderosa Pine serves to cleanse the soul and personality of shame, guilt, judgment, and criticism. These maladies of the soul may arise from current life situations, past actions and situations, or from past life memories that are coming to the surface. There are times when the individual finds little rational reason for these feelings and suffer dearly. Those in need of pine will suffer from judgment, guilt, and shame whether it is rational or not. The soul force is in need of a auric cleanse as well as emotional support. Pine is a cleanser of the soul.

Latin: Zinnia elegansHealing Properties: Zinnia flower essence enhances one’s ability to rediscover the child-like qualities of playfulness, joy, delight,
Latin: Viola pubescens eriocarpa Healing Properties: Yellow Violet, like our Purple Violet, is a beautiful essence that draws out the Divine Feminine within
Latin: Galanthus nivalis Healing Properties: The delicate White Snow Drop ushers in the first sign of spring, pushing its stalk through the melting snow.
Latin: MagnoliaHealing Properties: White Magnolia flower essence is used during a healing crisis, moderating the aggravation of symptoms that often happen
Latin: Crocus Vernus albiflorusHealing Properties: White Crocus washes clean the emotions and serves as a purification process helping the individual overcome
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