White Magnolia Flower Essence

White Magnolia Flower Essence

Latin: Magnolia

Healing Properties:
White Magnolia flower essence is used during a healing crisis, moderating the aggravation of symptoms that often happen when healing takes place. It regulates the strength of the healing energy provided by the flower remedy mix to the optimum level and stabilizes protection from the outside energies, including X-rays, negative states of consciousness, and all forms of radiation.

Isha found these points repeated in many descriptions: Key Points:
• For developing insight and understanding for issues one is struggling with;
• Helps one deepen spiritual awareness;
• Helps spiritually minded people with balance and integrity.

A beautiful connection to The Mother of Auorbindo and the Magdalena energies are realized through the signature of the White Magnolia. SRI AUROBINDO ON THE MOTHER “The lights are the Mother’s Powers -- many in number. The white light is her own characteristic power, that of the Divine Consciousness in its essence.”

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