Christine Felce and Saskia Marjoram

Christine Felce and Saskia Marjoram

Saskia’s Flower Essences is jointly run by Christine Felce and Saskia Marjoram in the Cotswold valley of Chalford.

We are dedicated to producing high quality organic flower essences made intuitively in the traditional way. Our essences are made with the utmost love and care using local spring water, organic vodka and the energy of flowers and the sun.

Flower Essences are tools that bring positive and effective change to peoples‘ lives, giving them the responsibility for their own healing in a safe, natural and simple way. Some of our flower essences are made from the same plants Edward Bach used for his flower remedies, others are unique to us and some are also made by other flower essence producers.

We started making flower essences together after treating family and friends with a variety of other flower essences and found the experience so rewarding and exciting with such amazingly successful results that we felt that the essences should go further out into the world to help others in their healing.

Saskia’s Flower Essences - Chalford Spring

One of our aims is to bring flower essence use further into the mainstream, to reach people who haven’t experienced or come across the magic of essences before. We enjoy working directly with the public and specialized groups of people, using dowsing techniques and encouraging people to choose essences for themselves. Please contact us if you have an event or group that you think would benefit from our presence.

Christine Felce is a qualified homeopath having studied in London and Calcutta. She is a keen natural gardener who has been interested in the healing power of plants since she was a child. She believes that finding answers and directions in life should be simple and available to everyone. What is right in front of you is often what you need.

Saskia Marjoram has worked with flowers for most of her life. As a florist who grew her own naturally grown flowers she wanted to understand more about the personalities of the flowers she worked with and how they interacted with people. She strongly believes that flowers are food for the soul.

We have developed this range of essences together inspired by the incredible beauty and wisdom of the flowers around us. We found that the flowers that we needed for our healing were the ones growing where we live. We hope that these essences help bring you awareness and change patterns in your life as you learn to take responsibility for your own health.

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