Andrea Mathieson

Andrea Mathieson

Since 1995, I have been passionately consumed in developing the Raven Essence project. To my surprise and delight, my intuitive work has unearthed a living philosophy that, over the past years, continues to evolve as I grow and change.

Prior to my work with the essences, I performed and taught for many years as a classically trained pianist. During this time, I created Musical Me!, a playful, holistic program to help young children retain their enjoyment of music while learning the basics.

When I began making flower essences in 1995, my innate intuitive abilities began to blossom. By listening to the ‘inaudible’ music of nature through my entire body, I slowly found the way to articulate the energies of the different plants through words.  Developing this deep communion with my garden was soul-making work, dropping me deep into nature’s mysteries. During this intensely creative time, I purchased Grey Heron, a heritage home and now a retreat space for women.

The RAVEN ESSENCE Project is deeply rooted in the themes of my A. with froglife. (The story about the unusual origins of the project and why I call them Raven Essences.) While I was teaching music lessons and raising my two sons, gardening was my quiet time to go to ground and create beauty. When a friend introduced me to Machaelle Small Wright and her Perelandra essences, my curiosity was sparked. I felt resonance with her approach of honouring the diversity of spirits within the natural world.

Learning to trust spirit within nature turned my world on its head, making me review all my ideas about spirituality. As I explored a new way to connect with Life, I eventually established myself as flower essence producer, practitioner and intuitive counselor. For many years, I enjoyed creating many courses and workshops for people wishing to develop their intuition and deepen their sacred connection to the earth. After years of soulfully creating the garden and renovating the house, Grey Heron became an oasis, a sanctuary of tranquility. The next step was to begin hosting dinners with remarkable women and  private retreats.
A. with hostas, reduced 2Throughout this time, even though I had stopped teaching music and rarely played the piano, I kept having dreams about musicians, strange instruments, and performances in unusual settings. My musical past would not leave me alone. In the fall of 2011, I finally honored this persistent call from my soul and birthed a new practice called Love Songs, Tuning the Body-Soul. With months of initiating this work, I found myself drawn back to the piano, creating improvised piano pieces, Your Soul Lullaby, for people to listen to as they work with the flower essences.

The circle completes itself… Everything I’ve developed with Raven Essences is now integrated — the deep listening, my composted musical career, the flower essences and writings — as part of my passion to articulate and restore nature’s forgotten frequencies.

EARTHSONG MYSTERIES: As the Raven Essence project continues to mature, Grey Heron increasingly serves as a hub and meeting place based upon ecological principles of equality and diversity. I am now offering in-depth courses to lead people into the experience of communing with Nature. Opening Gaia’s Light Mysteries explores the tremendous value of communing with nature as a way to access the wisdom of our souls in these environmentally challenging times.

Inspiring People: While my life has been enriched by many people, I mention four women as key to my conscious evolution. Marion Woodman, Jungian analyst, creator of BodySoul Rhythms, and author of many books including Conscious Femininity and The Pregnant Virgin; Paula Reeves, wise-woman and author of Heart-Sense, and Women’s Intuition, Unlocking the Wisdom of the Body; Jalaja Bonheim, founder of Circlework Institute and author of Aphrodite’s Daughters and The Hunger for Ecstasy; and Elinor Dickson, wise friend and co-author of Dancing in the Flames.

Meanwhile, my garden has been my most patient, loving teacher. I learned and remembered most of what I know in my bones from being on my knees, hands deep in the earth.

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