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Annemarie Minke

Annemarie Minke

In 1996 I was introduced to flower essences for the first time. I met a flower essence practitioner who prepared a bottle of essences for me which had such an instant impact on me it was hard to ignore. After a period of feeling very stuck, I suddenly felt clarity in such a miraculous way that healed my relationships giving me insights into what needed to change in my life. From there on I began the journey of taking essences to help with my personal transformation while deepening my understanding of nature through their vibrations. In 2006 I studied with David Dalton and became a certified flower essence practitioner. My travels took me to special places where I started making my own essences while following the guidance that was readily available to me. Overtime as I listened to what each flower had to say I came to see when combining them a story would emerge pointing to a truth that needs no defense.

My life shifted drastically in 2013 however when beyond my control I seemed to move from one world into the next. It was an exhausting living nightmare lasting many days and night. At the time I was not sure if I would come out of it sane or alive. The memories of the many lives started to return and showed me who I was and what I was being prepared for in former lives. As I awakened to the knowledge held within me I came fully into my own. I turned my attention to healing while using the plant kingdom as my ally.

As I woke up with new eyes I gave up my thirty-year career as a chef. The benefits, blessing and lessons that lie coded in the flowers gave me insights into many past lives that brought me the knowledge, wisdom and experience of using my powerful healing gifts. Today this enables me to counsel, teach and heal others, earning the title Flower vibration integration healer.

Erich Bishop is a certified flower essences therapist and artist. In everything Erich does he wants to act for the benefit of the modern human - while
New Zealand Chartered Health Practitioner - NZCHPNew Zealand Health Industry Distinguished Services Research and Development  Award for ‘pioneering,
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