Melissa Krige

Melissa Krige

My earliest memories are of the natural world. As a child, I was enchanted by flowers, their colour, form and scent and felt a kinship to animals great and small. This love has been a touchstone throughout my life, and it is what guided me to change my course of tertiary studies from psychology to horticulture. I sensed then already an urgency for humanity to make a shift in the way it perceived and interacted with nature.

My training in horticulture provided me with a wealth of practical skills for working with plants. Fascinated by the healing power of plants and vibrational medicine, I went on to study the essential oils and aromatherapy, flower remedies and colour therapy. These healing modalities work energetically and holistically on all levels of being: body, mind and soul. Living as we do in an old growth indigenous forest that occurs within the fynbos biome - renowned for its aromatic herbs - I am surrounded by a veritable medicine chest of healing plants and so my passion for learning continues.

Since living in the forest, I am increasingly aware of the intelligence of nature. Old, natural forests have particularly strong energy fields and so it is not surprising that this would be so. Plants and trees, indeed all of nature, have an intrinsic intelligence that is responsive to our thoughts and actions; particularly if these are positive and loving. There is much in the way of anecdotal evidence to illustrate this. One of my favourites is the story of a gardener in Messina, the town of my birth, who grew a 10 foot Baobab in just 2 years - this is more than three times faster than usual. Ask to explain its rapid growth, the 80 year old Mr Scholtz replied that he prayed for it.

My own discovery of the tree energies of Platbos has brought a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to my life here, and through my Tree Spirit Retreats, I share my simple techniques for connecting with the tree energies. The Findhorn Gardens in Scotland are a showcase of what can be achieved when we co-operate with the intelligences (or devas as they are also called) of Nature. If ever there was a time to work in partnership with the Earth energies, it is now.

Guided by knowledge, love and respect for the ways of Nature, and the will for it to be so, I believe that we can restore our beloved Earth back to a state of balance, harmony and abundance. Whether it´s growing a thriving vegetable garden on the windswept sands of Khayelitsha, rehabilitating the Brazilian rainforests, planting trees in your local park or restoring the forest edge at Platbos, each and every contribution is of importance and an opportunity to co-create with Nature.

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