Don Dennis

Don Dennis

Born and raised in California, moved to the UK when 19, but back to the USA for College a few years later, then back to the UK permanently. Lived in England for about 25 years, then moved to the Isle of Gigha, Scotland in 2003.

I have now taught 37 multi-day seminars on the Living Tree Orchid Essences here on the Isle of Gigha, with attendees coming from over 30 countries. The seminars are usually 10 days long now. However in June 2014 I travelled to Geneva to teach 4 days of seminars on the orchid essences, the first time I have agreed to travel to teach. I prefer to have people come to our base, as the orchids are here, and we are able to offer lovely & peaceful accommodation in Achamore House.

The essences are primarily made by Don Dennis and Heather Decam, with Natalie Shaw and Dominic Jones also participating, nearly all of the essences were made by a male & female team. Peter Tadd and Heather DeCam provided the major share of the information on each essence, along with feedback over the years from our friends and customers around the world.

One distinguishing feature of orchid essences in general is their ability to act upon the chakras which exist above our body. This combines with their action in the body to create very powerful shifts in our energy fields, often with very immediate effect. They also have an overall strong focus on helping us directly in relation to our spiritual path.

A new greenhouse at Achamore Gardens is now the home to the orchids, and Don teaches an Introductory six-day seminar on the LTOE at Achamore House several times each year in the autumn, winter and early spring months. The LTOE are available in many countries around the world, please see our Distributor’s page for contact details. For customers in the UK, or in countries without a distributor, ordering directly from IFER is usually best.

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