Helena and Stefan Öhrström

Helena and Stefan Öhrström

Helena Öhrström has been working for many years as medium and teacher in Energy Medicine.
She gets through meditation, dreams, and an intuitive sense out of what flowers, plants and energies to use for the Essenes.
By attuning to the plant, flower and so on. she receives messages about how it can help.
She has extensive experience in helping people and animals with alternative medicine.
She is also autor of the book Peace messages from the Pleiades.

Stefan Ohrstrom works as an IT technician but also with healing and dowsing.

Together, they help one another for the preparation of essences.

In the early 2000s the company started to make essences and 2005 was the first series of crop circles finished.
Shortly thereafter made ​​series of flowers and animals.

Today there are over 130 different essences that are collected in different series.

The essences is unique of its kind, there’s what we know, no other essences made ​​of so many different energies.

Inner Peace Essences are a small business in the country outside Lövestad in Sweden.

The company’s vision is to help people and animals feel more peace, balance, harmony and love within.

Erich Bishop is a certified flower essences therapist and artist. In everything Erich does he wants to act for the benefit of the modern human - while
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