Pineapple Weed

Finally there is a Youtube channel, out latest video shows Pineapple Weed.

I hope you like it. If so, would you mind to take a look at our crowdfunding site, where we prepare the production of a whole cd with flower essence music? 

You find it here


Just re-released: Dirk Albrodt - The Essence of Meditation What happens in the mind when meditating? And what if you do not do it? Flower essences and
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Lecture, music, food, dance .... Dirk Albrodt, therapist, has compiled a CD with meditative piano sounds inspired by flowers. What can music and flowers
News regarding our crowdfunding campaign for the CD Flowers are available on Facebook
Finally: Crowdfunding campaign started! Today I am so happy that after a year and a half of the preparation, a lot of work, even more effort and almost
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