Uirá (Vrisea-Friburgensis)


Keyword: acuity

Chakras: third, fifth and sixth

Benefits: Objectivity. Skill, Strong persistence in conjunction with a keen perception. Sense of humor. Simultaneously both action and intuition. Discernment. Flexibility. Attention. Etics.

Symptoms: Difficult in utilizing the available instruments in order to attain the objectives. Loss of objectivity. Dispersion, disgression. Rigidity.

I direct the arrow of my wanting: focusing what is primarily to be reached.

© Sandra Epstein

Keywords: gratitude, compassion, forgiveness. Benefits: supplies light, love and strength. Allows compassion. Cleans and tones chakras. Works on the
Keywords: receptiveness, openness. Benefits: leads to profound physical and emotional relaxation; has the power to dissolve incrusted resistances of
Keyword: unification.Benefits: integrates sexuality and spirituality. Awakens kundalini. Brings peace, relieve, and humbleness. Works on emotional and
Benefits: Strength, action, reaction, the protection.Symptoms: Fear, fragility, vulnerability.Chakras: 1st and 3rdScientific Name: Spondias mombin.L©
Keyword: Fertility Benefits: strengthens and connects us with the elements that bring us joy. Excellent for physical and metaphysical fertility. Excellent
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