Oyamã (Theobroma cacao)


Keywords: clarity, assertiveness.

Benefits: allows one to act with clear intentions. Differentiates one’s feelings from someone else’s. Offers vitality and assertiveness. Promotes honesty and confidence in our internal knowledge. Wipes troubled feelings and thoughts. Offers conviction. Inspires confidence. Promotes self love and the ability to say no.

Symptoms: low self esteem. Depression, Indecision. Fear, anxiety. Distorted psychic and spiritual experiences. Difficulty in noticing the personal and the surrounding reality. Lack of energy. Social mask. False personality.

I accept myself for who I am and change only what is changeable.

© Sandra Epstein

Keywords: gratitude, compassion, forgiveness. Benefits: supplies light, love and strength. Allows compassion. Cleans and tones chakras. Works on the
Keywords: receptiveness, openness. Benefits: leads to profound physical and emotional relaxation; has the power to dissolve incrusted resistances of
Keyword: unification.Benefits: integrates sexuality and spirituality. Awakens kundalini. Brings peace, relieve, and humbleness. Works on emotional and
Benefits: Strength, action, reaction, the protection.Symptoms: Fear, fragility, vulnerability.Chakras: 1st and 3rdScientific Name: Spondias mombin.L©
Keyword: Fertility Benefits: strengthens and connects us with the elements that bring us joy. Excellent for physical and metaphysical fertility. Excellent
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