Jumping Child (Clavulina cristata)

Jumping Child

Keywords: happiness, spontaneity, hope.

Benefits: transforms crystallized and stagnated emotions in positive feelings. Teaches us to avoid undesirable experiences. Contacts our true enthusiasm core. Brings joy in living, disposition for leisurely and animated activities, as well as happiness and sense of humor.  Helps develop self expression spontaneously. Helps treat emotional depression (anguish, solitude, melancholy). Brings the fourth charka strong vibrational energy, thus distributing it throughout the body. Promotes fluid verbal expression. Anchors and helps centralize those who are extremely dispersive.

Symptoms: laziness. Emotional depression. Difficulty in expressing feelings. Fear of expressing oneself and not being understood. Excessively serious behavior. Discouragement. Stagnation. Sadness and pessimism. Worries with external critics. Shyness. Lack of sense of humor and difficulty in playing and having fun. Solitude. Disconnection with daily practical matters.

I am the principle of movement, the generator of spontaneous and creative expression bringing joy and hope to the planet.

© Sandra Epstein

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